Grafisk design

Graphic design

Graphic design is about communicating a message visually in a simple and efficient way. Good graphic design should be based on the company’s values, so that it supports the company’s communication and makes it more visible.


Logo and visual identity

A professional logo should be simple, stand out, and tell something about your business. Depending on the magnitude of the task I can furthermore create a visual identity. A visual identity is a unified graphical expression of the company. It creates recognisability across all the platforms and media the company uses.



Get a unique website that suits your needs and is targeting your audience. It’s easy to change texts and images, and it will be made in responsive design, meaning that it can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile phones. I use whatever communication you already have as starting point when developing the design meaning that the website will be in line with all your communications.


Business cards

Your business card is often the first physical item people get from you. It gives people the first impression of what you provide. It has to be professional, but at the same time stand out so people can recognize and find your card even if they have received many business cards.


Facebook and other social media

Revamped profile pictures give your business a more professional presence on Facebook. Cover pictures may be used to tell about new initiatives or products. There are also many other social mediums where it may be appropriate for your business to be present. I can help you get an overview of the possibilities.


Roll-ups, large format printing and Adshels

A roll-up is a standing banner. A roll-up is easy to set up and can be moved easily. It functions well for conferences, or to stand indoors, in a store or a mall. Large format print and Adshel can be used to create visibility on the streets as part of an advertising campaign.


Advertisement in newspapers and magazines

Whether you need to advertise in newspapers, journals, magazines, or other media, it is important that the ad stands out. The challenge of ads is to get people to go from viewing and reading the ad to actually making an action, i.e. to buy a product or to go to the company’s website. I always have my focus on the call to action part of the ad so that the ad makes a real difference for the client.


Brochures and pamphlets

A brochure can tell a lot about your business. On fairs it’s natural to have a brochure. For networking events a brochure can also work well as it stands out from all the business cards and tells more about your company.

HTML5 web banners

I have extensive experience in crafting banners. Banners can tell your message in a simple and interesting way. They can also be made interactive, which is a good way to create engagement to your audience. I always craft banners in HTML5 which means that they can be seen on all devices.